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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.


Q. How ong should my old furnace and air conditioner last?

Typically a furnace or air conditioner will last 15-20 years. Sometimes it pays to replace the older system sooner because of the higher efficiency (and lower gas & electric bills) provided by the newer equipment.
Q My gas & electric bills are high. Will a new furance and aire conditioner lower my bills?
YES! A new 14 SEER air conditioner can usually cut the electricity used by the old air conditioner in half a new 90% AFUE gas furnace can usually cut the gas used by the old furnace by as much as 30%.
Q. What is SEER?
This stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. The "size" of an air conditioner is rated in BTU or Tons, however, the "efficiency" is rated in SEER. It's like miles per gallon (mpg) in a car - The higher the mpg (or SEER), the lower the gasoline (electricity) bill.
Q. What is AFUE?
This stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. A rating of 100% is the theoretical absolute best. Standard efficiency gas furnaces made before 1992 have an efficiency rating of about 65%. This means that for every dollar spent on gas, 65 cents goes to heat the house and 35 cents goes up the flue.
Q. What is a Heat Pump?
In the summer, a heat pump is no different than an air conditioner. In the winter, a heat pump operates in reverse and heats the indoor. Heat pumps generally need auxiliary heat strips (electric resistance heat) to help them when it is very cold or when the thermostat is moved up more than two degrees at a time. One common complaint about heat pumps is that the air is not hot enough. The air coming out of the heat pump is generally about 85 degrees. Even though this air is warmer than the air in the room, it feels cool to you because your body temperature is about 98.6 degrees. When used properly, heat pumps can reduce your winter bills when compared to straight electric heat.
Q. What is a cracked furnace?
The part of a gas furnace that transfers the heat from the flame to the air in the house is called a "heat exchanger". If the heat exchanger has a crack, the fumes (carbon monoxide) enter the air that comes out of the registers. Even a small crack is extremely dangerous and should be tended to immediately. Heat exchangers can be replaced, however, if they are out of warranty, it is usually not much more to install a new higher efficiency furnace.
Q. Is it OK to install a different brand of furnace or air conditioner to work with my existing equipment?
Yes. It is important that the furnace has the proper size of blower to match the air conditioner, but this can be determined quickly and easily.
Q. I wants a "big" air conditioner. Someone told me this is not good - what are the advantages and disadvantages?
An "oversized" air conditioner will cool your house quicker, but it will use more electricity, leaves unequal tempered rooms in your house, and will not adequately remove humidity in the monsoon months. If your ductwork is not large enough to handle the oversized unit, the coil may freeze and then the air conditioner will not work at all. Sedona Sheet Metal Inc. will be happy to suggest an appropriate sized air conditioner to fit your needs.
Q. Will a larger furnace work better than a smaller furnace?
An "oversized" furnace will warm up the house quicker, but it will use more fuel and there will be large temperature swings. A smaller, correctly sized furnace will keep your house at an even temperature and use less fuel. Sedona Sheet Metal Inc. will be happy to suggest an appropriate sized furnace to fit your needs.
Q. Some rooms in our house don't get enough heat (or cooling). Can this be fixed?
Sometimes running the blower continuously will solve this problem. Usually a new furnace will have better airflow, which will help, and there is often a way to install an additional register in the area to obtain more airflow.
Q. What brand of equipment is best?
There are several excellent brands available as well as several "cheaper" brands. Sedona Sheet Metal Inc. could choose any brand to sell and install, however we have chosen Lennox because of their quality, reputation, availability of parts, and support from our distributors. Even more important than the equipment, is the quality of installation and the reputation of service after the sale from the dealer behind the installation.
Q. Will Sedona Sheet Metal Inc. be the lowest price on a new system, or can I get a better price from someone else?
If you were to get 100 bids, Sedona Sheet Metal Inc. would be about number 65 in price, however they will be at the top in quality and customer satisfaction.
Q. What about a humidifier?
Aprilaire humidifiers are great! They reduce dry skin and particularly help with dry sinuses. They will also help furniture from drying out and eliminate shock from static electricity. We have several models available and the investment is surprisingly low.
Q. What brands of equipment will Sedona Sheet Metal Inc. work on?
All brands.We even work on many systems that other companies won't touch.
Q. Will Sedona Sheet Metal Inc. offer a maintenance/service plan?
Yes, we would be happy to show you the options available under "Planned Service". Please feel free to call or fill out the Information Request Form.

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